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The John Bentley School

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Fundraising for Norway

We have just launched an expedition to our students to take part in a once in a life time trek.  

We will be taking 19 students and 3 staff on an incredible expedition through one of the remotest areas of Norway. The students will be departing in August 2018 and are trying to fundraise £1300 each for the expedition. In addition to this they will have to raise money for transport to the airport by coach and buy their own expedition equipment. The students are encouraged to raise this money themselves and not rely on parents, in some cases this simply is not an option anyway.  

Throughout the expedition the students will be carrying all of their own equipment and food and will be wild camping next to remote lakes on the top of some of the highest peaks in the area. The students will be leading the expedition themselves with the support of the staff attending. They complete all elements from researching where to catch the boats, planes and ferries to navigating through the wilderness.  These expeditions offer an incredible opportunity for students as it allows them to develop so many skills and gives many the confidence boost that they really need.
Expeditions are an incredible opportunity for the students at the school and Universities highly value
the real life experience that they provide. 

We have been incredibly lucky to be sponsored by some of the local Calne companies with BIL Group
and Allboxed sponsoring us so far.

Pictured: The 2018 Expedition students with Mr Parry and Tim Murrow from BIL Group Ltd.