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The John Bentley School

An Outstanding Centre For Learning


The John Bentley School fully understands the importance of good attendance and are committed to ensuring that all of our students have an excellent attendance record. We believe that it is important to work together with parents and carers when students’ attendance falls below an acceptable level. In the first instance, tutors will have conversations when a student is absent, if this persists and the student’s attendance falls below 90%,  then the Head of Year will hold a School Attendance Meeting together with the School Attendance Officer and parents/carers. In some instances the Educational Welfare Officer can then become involved and this can lead to prosecution. The vast majority of students at The John Bentley School have an excellent attendance record and as such there are  a number of initiatives that we have in place to reward them whilst offering rewards to encourage those to who need to improve their attendance.

Attendance Lotto
Attendance Lotto takes place on a fortnightly basis. One year group will be selected each fortnight, from which a tutor group will be randomly selected.  A student’s name from this tutor group will then be drawn at random. If the student selected has an attendance record of 100% for the preceding two weeks they receive a £10 iTunes voucher. If not, there is a rollover to the next assembly with the voucher increasing to £15.

Tutor Group Attendance Cup 
These are awarded on a fortnightly basis to the tutor group in each year group with the best attendance. House points are awarded to each tutor group’s House and the tutor group receive a prize.

Improve Your Attendance to Achieve Competition
Students with an attendance of less than 90% at the end of each term are entered into a competition and the student who shows the most improvement over the course of the next term wins a £10 iTunes voucher.

100% Attendance Competition
Any student with a hugely impressive 100% attendance record for terms 1 through to 5 is entered into a prize draw. The winning prize is a family meal at Fay’s Bistro in Calne.