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The John Bentley School

An Outstanding Centre For Learning



Humanities at John Bentley is all about people - their past, present and future. As a faculty we all believe in the power of knowledge and our key aim is to equip students with not only a breadth of knowledge about their world, but also with the core skills needed to progress and an enthusiasm to wish to develop them.

At Key Stage 3 Humanities is taught as three subjects – history, geography and religious studies.  At Key Stage 4 we offer a wider range of subjects, and again expand Post 16 into many specialisms so all students are given the opportunity to develop and succeed in their chosen area of study.

We believe that learning doesn't end in the classroom and we have an extensive programme of visits and fieldtrips to complement our studies.  Recently we have taken groups to Berlin, Paris, Ypres, London, Devon, Dorset, Iceland and Morocco.

Key Stage Three - Humanities

At Key Stage 3 we focus upon two key areas of students' progress – the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills.  Subjects are taught discretely in broadly mixed ability groupings giving students the maximum opportunity to develop not only a love for the subject, but also the skills to succeed. 

In Geography the course focuses upon both physical and human geography, building a clear knowledge of the world around us, the pressures upon it and the differences within it.   The teaching of units is complemented by fieldwork and the use of resources to develop key skills.  

In History we have a range of units – some are overviews such as the study of Monarchy, others are in depth units such as the Year 8 projects on the impact of the Great War.  We also consider a range of themes through KS3 – what is conflict and how has technology developed.  These all develop not only an understanding of historical events but also ensure students are familiar using a range of resources and developing their own arguments before drawing valid conclusions. 

In Religious Studies we focus upon developing students' knowledge of the many communities within the world, and an understanding of how religious belief can influence decision making.    This includes a range of religions and key topics that are studied in depth through the three years.

In all three subjects students are regularly assessed and Humanities staff consider the progress of students across humanities.  This allows us to develop an understanding of the individual skills of students and to meet their specific needs.