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The John Bentley School

An Outstanding Centre For Learning


Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department is highly committed to providing outstanding opportunities for all students to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a foreign language.

MFL lessons are taught in a variety of ways to allow all students to make progress. Strategies include repetition, drills and games to embed vocabulary, and practical activities to help with word order, sentences structure and key grammatical structures. All these strategies are supported by authentic materials and textbooks. ICT is an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle with students being exposed to websites and other material in the languages they are studying. There is a comprehensive cycle of assessment, whereby students are clear about the progress they have made and what they need to do to improve.

Although language learning begins in the classroom, we provide many opportunities to take learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Opportunities include trips to Christmas markets, residential visits and day trips to France and a German-History department trip to Berlin. Using the language for a real purpose really brings it to life and it is very rewarding to see students’ confidence grow, as they realise they can communicate in another language. To this end, we are keen to further develop our links with schools in France, Germany and Spain.