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The John Bentley School

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School Uniform

John Bentley School Uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing could expect to be sent home to get changed or put in IER. Please see letter attached at the bottom of the page from Mr Tudor regarding uniform expectations.

Uniform List:

  • White school shirt/blouse (tucked in)
  • School tie with house colour visible below the knot
  • School blazer*
  •  Jumper* (optional) must be from our school stockists 
  • Grey/black socks with low heeled shoes (No logos, trainers, boots, canvas shoes or pumps)
  • Black loose fitting trousers or a knee length skirt
  • Dark belt
  • Hoodies are not part of school uniform and as such may not be worn on the school site

 * Blazers and Jumpers can be removed during lessons. Students are expected to wear them when         walking to and from school and around the school site.

Jewellery, Make-up and Hair

For reasons of safety no jewellery may be worn except:

  • A plain cross and chain
  • A single signet ring
  • One pair of small plain sleepers or studs in ears if they are pierced. Studs are preferred. One bracelet (silver or gold) or a charity band
  • Other jewellery may not be worn. This includes nose jewellery, tongue and lip piercing. Students will have to remove piercings in school and should not have new piercings during school terms. All new piercings should take place at the start of the summer holidays

ALL jewellery must be removed for PE for safety reasons

  • It is preferred that make-up is not worn. If worn, it should not be detectable.
  • Should it be deemed too heavy, students will be asked to remove it. Nail varnish should not be worn
  • Hairstyles/haircuts should be appropriate for school and avoid exaggerated styles, colour and extremes of fashion


  • Swimming hat - no students (male or female) will be allowed to swim without a hat - Leisure Centre policy (Year 7)
  • Blue polo shirt (with PE logo)
  • Rugby shirt, reversible (boys)
  • Black shorts (or ‘skorts' for girls)
  • Black ‘trackies' (not grey or navy)
  • Blue football socks
  • White socks for indoor/summer term lessons
  • Leggings (optional for specific subjects)
  • Football boots (boys and girls)
  • Trainers (not daps)
  • Blue hoody
  • Shin pads (strongly recommended) for contact sports
  • Mouth guards (strongly recommended) for contact sports - self-moulding, these will give protection from injury. Can be purchased from the PE Department, it is also possible to purchase a mouth guard from your Dentist or any good sports shop.

There will be occasions when a student cannot take part in their PE lesson, either as a result of injury or illness. We ask that a note is written by the parent/carer to excuse their child from active PE. (If a student has a long-term illness/injury, then a certificate to that effect from a GP will be required.) Should a note not be received, a detention may be issued in future circumstances. Your child is still expected to change into their PE kit as they will be engaged in the lesson in an alternative role, such as an official or coach.

If your child forgets their PE kit they will be asked, and expected, to borrow suitable clean spare kit.