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In GCSE Science, some of the topics students have studied in Years 7 - 8 are extended and new areas of study introduced. Students will follow one of two possible courses. Either trilogy science, which covers aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is worth 2 GCSEs or separate science which covers more in depth content for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and is worth 3 GCSEs. Both science courses also have integral practical skills and focus on developing ideas about how science works.

Course content: 
Both the separate science and trilogy science course cover the same content, however the separate science course covers the topics in greater depth than the trilogy course as well as a few additional units.




 1. Cell biology

 2. Organisation

 3. Infection and response

 4. Bioenergetics

 5. Homeostasis and    


 6. Inheritance, variation and


 7. Ecology






 8.   Atomic structure and the

      periodic table

 9.   Bonding, structure, and 

      the properties of matter

 10. Quantitative chemistry

 11. Chemical changes

 12. Energy changes

 13. The rate and extent of

      chemical change

 14. Organic chemistry

 15. Chemical analysis

 16. Chemistry of the


 17. Using resources

 18. Forces

 19. Energy

 20. Waves

 21. Electricity

 22. Magnetism and


 23. Particle model of matter

 24. Atomic structure